Maryse G. , 10/10/2017
Laboratoire de recherche / assistant ingénieur

Nous avons sur les conseils de Nessa suivi des cours en binôme. Nous avons amélioré nos présentations scientifiques et progressé pour échanger avec des collègues étrangers. Nous avons aussi élargi notre vocabulaire à d'autres thématiques.  

Merci beaucoup Nessa pour ton enthousiasme à nous dispenser les cours ! 


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Ah! Les bons vieux souvenirs du présent parfait et la prononciation avec l'accent tonique. Gardez votre flegme (comme un britannique) pour voir où vous en êtes aujourd'hui! :- )

Let's brush off the dust and see what you can remember of the present perfect and word stress in
English pronunciation. Good luck!

1) I work in a 6-storey building. My office is on the first 
stage floor storey corridor 
2) The _____ to Mumbai was very long, it took 12 hours. 
voyage travel flight fly 
3) Our daughter is just 2 years old, so when we go to work she stays with the _____ 
pre-school babysitter nurse childminder 
4) Choose the odd word out.  Chercher l’intrus.
taxi tram trailer coach 
5) Which vowel sound is different?  Laquelle des voyelles est différente?
low brown clown power 
6) The customer was very _______ in the special offer. 
interesting interested interest interests 
7) Choose the odd word out.  Chercher l’intrus.
corkscrew drill hammer screwdriver 
8) Mary and John have just moved to a new region, they don’t have ______ friends. 
much many some few 
9) Which “ed’ ending is pronounced differently? 
watched arrived stopped faxed 
10) In these 4-syllable words, which word has a different word stress?  Chercher l’intrus par rapport à l’accent tonique (ex. de-co-RAT-ed)
professional unusual information technology 
11) Anna is very happy, a friend of ____ has just found a new job.  
her she hers Anna 
12) I arrived late this morning at work because my alarm didn’t ___ 
sound ring go on go off 
13) She is afraid ___ spiders. 
by in front of from of 
14) He ____ work at 6pm every day. 
is leaving lives leaves leave 
15) When I was a student I ________ with my friends every Thursday night. 
was going out used to go out have gone out had gone out 
16) “Do you know Peter Wright?” “I know his name but I ________ him.” 
have never met never met don?t meet will never meet 
17) Julie is out on sick leave. I _____ for her until she gets back. 
am filling in fill in have filled in filled in 
18) Don’t worry, I’ll give you a call as soon as I _______ 
will arrive arrive am arriving arrived 
19) My son is preparing his final year exams. He _______ for the past six weeks. 
is revising has been revising revises will revise 
20) It’s a very dangerous country. You _____ travel alone. 
mustn’t to needn?t mustn?t don?t have to 
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